Today’s B2B marketing uses
proper insights to spark success.


Knowing how to combine the appropriate digital marketing strategies with relevant traditional ones gives business-to-business companies the right blend for their unique business goals.

Each marketing communications program needs to be built with specific goals in mind, and incorporate the nuances that affect your target markets.
A solid B2B marcom plan will combine digital, social and print tactics to provide the reach, growth and brand awareness that meet your communication goals.

Regardless of the mix, the strategy must focus on intelligent, savvy marketing through a well-planned, thoughtfully-executed, integrated marcom plan.


Simply put, The Simon Group is a full service, business-to-business marketing communications team, specializing in technical and industrial accounts.

Some say our 30-year track record of achieving measurable increases in awareness, market share, sales…and profitability…for B2B companies in a broad range of highly competitive markets is what makes us stand out. We like to think it’s also because we’re fun!

Whichever it is, our agency boasts an astonishing record of client loyalty, with many clients remaining with us for well over the 3-year industry average. We value our client relationships as much as we value their business.
Integrated Marcom

Integrated Marcom

B2B Markets
B2B Markets
Strategic Partnership
Strategic Partnerships


From specific divisions of larger multi-national corporations to entrepreneurial operations and small to mid-sized companies, the diversity of our client base has given us the opportunity to work through many different types of challenges as well as implement exciting new projects and tactics.

We’ve learned how to maximize the cost-efficiency and impact of all the programs and materials we develop...without compromising quality.


Over the years, we’ve honed our craft to incorporate the current marcom tactics that make sense for the B2B environment, while preserving the tried-and-true marcom functions that still deserve a place at the table. (spoiler alert: print’s not dead)

Our clients are B2B companies in high-tech and industrial markets. And, knowing those industries and target audiences is what they’ve come to expect from us.

The synergy between our similar, yet non-competing, customer base gives us unique leverage points as well, like using knowledge from one client’s industry to help determine if it’s a good growth area for another client.


Transparency, honesty and accountability are essential to any successful partnership. Not only do we have close working relationships within The Simon Group, but our family circle extends to our clients, editors and publishers, freelancers, partners and all the other business firms we get to work with. We build solid relationships and make sure all parts keep moving in the same direction.

We know integrated marketing communications…helping clients succeed in diverse, highly competitive markets utilizing effective marcom strategies that reach and influence customers and build brand equity and profitability.

  • Have questions about the effectiveness of the latest marcom trends?

  • Wondering how to best implement social media for your business?

  • Interested in learning which traditional tactics still work in your markets and which digital platforms are the most successful?

    That’s what we’re here for.

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