Public Relations
Online and off, your brand will reach celebrity status with the arsenal of
cost-effective tools that public relations (PR) provides.

PR is a powerful, efficient method to establish credibility with all your target audiences and build brand recognition across several markets. By blending traditional print elements with online best practices, then mixing in compelling copy, your message gets placed in a wide variety of news sources. These earned media placements, from pitching the press to debuting new products at an event, are essential to formulating a successful market presence.


The strong working relationships we quickly build with key editors allows us to easily and cost-effectively generate visibility and make an impact where we want and need to most.

The trust developed between the trade publications and their readership can’t be breached, so we hold all our work to strict content standards. Technical content on product technology as well as specific application examples are some of the most sought out information, and make up the basis of much of the long form content developed.

This content helps to establish thought leadership where a company’s insights are sought out by potential customers and peers alike.

Shorter, more timely, pieces—what we deem consumable content—helps to tell more of the story. Company announcements, product introductions and reactions to industry trends all contribute to showcasing a company’s growth and innovations, while letting prospects know how your company is tracking the pulse within an industry.


With the flood of information editors receive each day, there needs to be a way to cut through the clutter. Our multi-faceted Publicity Initiatives approach includes daily, weekly and monthly touchpoints with editors to ensure that our clients stay front of mind.

This proven, streamlined method for identifying and making the most of every publicity opportunity incorporates a broad range of market-specific and horizontal media outlets.

All relevant editorial trends for key markets and technologies are identified based on a client’s target markets and technologies. Content for these opportunities is then curated for the publications.

Through a combination of long form content and shorter snippets, as well as by providing interviews and insights for publication-written features, Publicity Initiatives keeps your company top of mind with the editorial community.
Advertising is saying you're good. PR is getting someone else to say it.


Tracking trends, editorial outreach and pursuing timely opportunities are critical to a successful PR program. One of the reasons the program is so successful is that it is proactive, not reactive, and targets the relevant trends and topics of a specific client.

A brief monthly information exchange enables us to efficiently keep updated on company insights that we can apply to the relevant opportunities we have identified.

We then stay in touch with the editors and stay on top of trending information to quickly and efficiently apply our clients’ insights to relevant editorial interactions.


A comprehensive PR program can include everything from news releases, feature articles, tradeshow PR and speaking opportunities to special event coordination, press tours and conferences as well as speech writing, crisis communication, financial and corporate PR, research and implementation.  We use the elements that make sense for each client, based on budget and objectives.

Although closely tied to content marketing, PR still stands apart in its ability to engage prospects through an objective filter, the media.  As the amount of unsourced information grows on the web and is pushed out through automated, unmonitored channels, solid, fact-checked PR will remain a staple of modern B2B communications programs.