B2B Markets
We aren’t selling Pepsi.
We don’t target to the tween generation.

We promote business-to-business products, services and technologies
within the high-tech and industrial markets.


Consumer tactics themselves just don’t work when applied directly to a business-to-business environment. Can they be adapted for B2B or can lessons be learned from successful consumer campaigns?

Of course, but when it comes to actual implementation, you’d better be sure your agency knows how to translate these tactics into effective B2B strategies, and understands the role of those who influence selection and approval of products and services.

Knowing how to cost-effectively reach, communicate with and persuade all those with influence is critical. From purchasing and corporate officials to application engineers and direct end users, your message needs to communicate value and show results at all stages of the game.
6.8 people are invovled in a B2B purchase decision.


Business-to-business marketing inherently takes on a different style, tone and message than B2C.  Strategies and programs for off-the-shelf products require a different approach than do custom and application engineered products. Marketing through distributors is much different than marketing to distributors or even selling direct.
But all require support programs that strengthen the entire partnership for a successful end-result. Just as important as knowing the players is taking into account how far along in the education process each target is. Do you need to provide cost-saving data? Are they interested in the long-term return you can provide? Who else do they need to convince and what information can you give them that will be helpful?


It’s important that your strategy uses a varied set of tactics to reach target audiences through both horizontal and vertical channels…and in multiple formats…so you can address the individual’s specific needs within each market.

Successful B2B marcom shows your customer or prospect how working with you increases value, efficiency and growth. Social movements don’t pay the bills; you need concrete data and insights that provide relevant solutions. And we have implemented successful programs for clients throughout several competitive B2B markets, including:

Automation & Manufacturing
Automotive Design & Manufacture
Construction & HVAC
Electronic Components & Systems
Embedded Computing
Industrial Operations
Government & Municipality
Medical & Biotech
Military & Aerospace
Power & Energy
Safety & Security
Test & Measurement