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“A picture is worth a thousand words”
The old adage has never been more true than in the marketing world today.

To fully round out a marcom plan, the graphical elements are essential. The style, format and content of creative for B2C marketing versus the needs of a B2B company are entirely different…and must be effectively incorporated into your visual style.


Not only should your creative be engaging, sophisticated and informative, but it should also follow a consistent style guide across all pieces to ensure people can always recognize your distinct brand. So, make sure you clearly define certain branding guidelines before setting out on that next campaign. All should follow the same branding concepts.

And imagery must be relevant, helping to communicate the value proposition as it relates to several external audiences as well as to internal ones. The B2C mantra that “babies and puppies never fail” just won’t cut it in B2B. That’s not what gives your customers confidence in your products or build trust in your brand.

Make sure you visually represent your company and products with images that tie the viewer to your message. After all, studies have shown that content with visuals gets more engagement.
Colored visuals increase a viewers willingness to read a piece of contetn by 80%.


Creative concepts in a B2B campaign follow a different path than that of B2C, but the end result is still the need to evoke a positive response. The ability to consistently convey a company’s brand message in a visually-appealing way is a huge part of what makes B2B marketing successful.

Balancing technical data with the appropriate graphical flair is an art, and is equally as important as knowing which marcom tactics make sense for specific projects.

Properly using visual elements in B2B marketing incorporates many subtle nuances to create imagery that will ring true with an audience, versus being seen as marketing fluff. Anyone can throw a banner ad or sell sheet together, but when creating these elements, ask yourself:

  • …what elements need to be considered for online vs print vs social advertising?

  • …what does it mean to design a responsive website that a customer will enjoy using?

  • …how can complex, technical details be turned into an infographic that serves as a descriptive, visual guide?

  • …does your evergreen content incorporate timeless imagery that will give it staying power on the web?

  • …are point-of-sale materials intriguing enough to capture the attention of a passerby?

  • …do your trade show booth and graphics tell the company story and effectively represent its products?


There are a number of other small details that help build your brand into an industry powerhouse…an appealing company logo, consistent document and presentation templates, modern catalogs, brochures and sell sheets and anything else that has your company name on it.

And ensuring that the content and graphics are applied consistently across multiple phases of a campaign as well as across several divisions is not to be forgotten, either.

These are the creative principles we bring to the table for all our clients. We create award-winning designs not because “we know best”, but because we know what’s best for the B2B world. Through researching and extensively studying your markets, and we continually hone our skills, putting that research into practice, so that our clients receive top notch creative to support relevant, effective content.
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